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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ty Turns Four! Happy Birthday Ty!

What a wonderful time we had with Jaime, Bryan, Ty, Carter and Colby!  The occasion was Ty's 4th Birthday.  We celebrated his birthday at John's Incredible Pizza!  Ty has always been so appreciative and attentive to what people give him.  He even looks at his cards!  We gave him some books and his response was "No way!" when he opened the books.  He was even excited to get books!  At the end of the day when we were putting him down for the night, Ty said, "Thank you for everything!"  How sweet is that!

Today I got to join the kids and grandkids at the pool!  They showed me what they have learned in swim lessons.  Boy, was I impressed!  They have come a long way in learning how to swim!  What fun it was to hear them say, "Watch this!"  They always have so much fun with their cousins!  I love that!  Uncle Todd was even able play with the kids in the pool. 

As you can see, we can't get enough of our grandkids.  Bryan and Jaime are doing a fantastic job as parents!  We are so very proud of them!

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