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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clearance Rack News

New Possibilities for the Clearance Items

June 28, 2013

Until now, clearance items have been limited to demonstrator and online orders to ensure that product was available at the time of purchase. When the Hostess Code was introduced, it became possible to add clearance items and to have them included on workshop orders. To make it even easier to add clearance items to any type of order, we have allowed placing clearance items on workshop orders.

We still strongly recommend that customers order clearance items on online orders or workshop orders via a hostess code to guarantee availability. Customers may add clearance items to her paper order (for a customer or workshop order), but because clearance items are only available while supplies last, it's possible that the item will not be available with the order is submitted, making it necessary to find an alternate item.

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