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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Remembering Mom (click here to view my blog)


Today marks one year since my mom passed away.  We really miss her.  She would like to be remembered for her faith in God.  I'll let her words speak for her.  She wrote a love letter to the family.  She had many reasons for writing the letter and I'll share one of them here.  
Reason #5:  God is Love.  He loves mankind, his creation.  He wants us to love Him and love others.  It is easy to love those who love us and who do what we want them to.  But God loved us and Christ died for us while we were not what he wanted us to be, we were unlovable and sinned against him. 
He gave us his Holy Handbook as a compass to guide us,
He gave us His Son, to suffer, die and live again to pay for our sin and to save us and speak for us,
He gave us His wisdom, His power, and His prescence to enable us to live godly lives,
He gave us His mercy and His grace to provide what we couldn't earn,
He gave us His Holy Spirit to lead us, to guard us, to comfort us, to teach us, to remind us, to intercede for us, to counsel us, and to seal us for the day of redemption,
He gives us breath, a heart to pump our life-giving blood throughout our bodies, a skeletal and muscular sysem for a foundation, glands to control our functions, limbs for movement and activities, a mind to think and plan, and make decisions, and every part of our being so that we can thrive, and grow, and produce and worship Him.  And he gives us the faith in Him that we need to trust, pray, and obey Him. These are the very things that He wants us to do and can't do without Him.  All we need to provide is a submissiveness to receive Him and a desire to use His many gifts for His good pleasure. 


  1. Wow... What a Beautiful Woman your Mom was and a Wonderful Heart.... You were truly Blessed....


  2. Karen, you were truly blessed with your Mother!

    Hugs, Robin


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