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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day Remembered (click here to view my blog)

My dad and I had a very special day together.  We went to the Memorial Day Service at the Clovis Memorial Cemetery and the Clovis Veterans Memorial District Building in Old Town Clovis. 

The 450 large flags were on full display at the Clovis Cemetery.  It is very important to my dad since he helped make the flags a reality for the Clovis Cemetery  through the American Legion Post 147 Clovis. 

In the program there was a quote from President Ronald Reagan dated May 21, 1982.  "Memorial Day is about honoring service members who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our country.  Whether in battle, in support of combat operations, or having died in the line of duty just doing their jobs.  It is also a day to reflect on knowing these sacrifices come because your country's military is protecting our nation and all it stands for and remains continuously ready to do."

We were treated to a concert by the Clovis Community Band, conducted by Dan Lindstrum.  The presentations and slide shows were very moving and touching.  Lunch was served afterwards.  I would highly recommend this for next year! 

God bless America!


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