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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A birthday and a Memory (click here to view my blog)

Those that know me well, know that every year I miss the primroses.  I wait too long in the season and they are gone.  My grandma Esther loved primroses and always bought one plant to put on her kitchen table.  Even when she went camping, she had one on her table over at Morro Bay!  So when I went to Walmart today and saw the lovely primroses, I could not resist the temptation to buy several plants.  These photos will also help the memories to last. 

Along with primroses, grandma would often bake popovers.  I bought a popover pan so that I could make some because of grandma.  I think making popovers is in my near future! 

It is also appropriate to think of grandma Esther today since it is my dad's birthday.  I celebrated with him yesterday over breakfast.  He's getting to celebrate all week with different members of the family so it spreads it out.  Last year we had a big birthday party for him.  I am so thankful for his life and the memories of Grandma Esther.



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